Cars can be booked from our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To place a booking in Latvia or abroad, please send us a request by filling out a form in section CARS AND COSTS or give us a call - +371 29558843, providing the necessary information.


Within  Riga 15,-EUR, Airport Riga 15,-EUR,  Outside Riga by agreement.

Age restrictions

Cars can be driven by persons who are over 21.

Driver’s license

The driver must hold a valid driver’s license. Van drivers must have at least two years of driving experience.

Necessary documentation

Natural persons: to hire a car the person needs to provide copies of passport and driver’s license, presenting also the originals.

Legal persons: must submit copies of registration card and VAT card, and a letter of guarantee.

Documents may be scanned and emailed to  

Security deposit

Natural persons: The security deposit amount for each car will be determine separately and it can be from 150,- EUR. If the payments for the services are covered with a credit card, the set security deposit is preauthorized on the client’s credit card before hiring. If the payment is made with a debit card, cash or transfer, the set security deposit is either charged in cash or via transfer. If there is no breach of terms and conditions of the rental agreement, security deposit is returned after the hire.


Payments for services can be made only in cash at the rental period, or by bank transfer.


Own risk

Responsibility for destruction or theft of the car is set separately for each car.


Car are rented out with full gas tanks. When returning the car, its tank must be filled. If the car is returned with less gas, an extra charge is calculated for the difference – 2,-EUR per one liter.


We supply clean cars - the outside is washed and the inside is cleaned. You must return the car in the same condition. Extra charges of 80,- EUR will be applied if it will be necessary to dry clean the inside.

Minimum hire period

The minimum hire period is one day and one night (24 hours).

Car insurance

The car is provided with the obligatory third party insurance (OCTA) and insured with own risk against damages, destruction and theft (CASCO).

Territory restrictions

When leaving the territory of the Republic of Latvia, you must notify MW Auto to receive an authorization.

Additional driver

Cars may be driven by persons whose data has been included in the rental agreement as a Lessee or additional driver.